STEM Practical Sessions

We are running sessions where you can bring students (aged 11-18) into the labs and work spaces at University of Suffolk, for some fun free hands-on sessions! We will work to tailor the sessions to each school’s interests, but we currently have the following projects lined up:

  • Robotics – building and programming a maze-running robot.
  • 3D-scanning – learn about the basics of 3D scanning, and how to use industry grade 3D scanners with the associated specialist software
  • Microsoft cognitive – learn about machine-based artificial intelligence.

These projects are designed for small groups of students (3-4 per group) to work on over the course of a day.

The project work can be tailored so that students can work towards either a CREST Discovery Award, or a CREST Bronze award.

For more information, and to arrange a visit for your class, please get in touch at