Work Experience – Developing Personalised Splints

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Applications – CLOSED

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Project outline:

A number of different disorders may affect the human hands or fingers, including ganglia, deformities, and disorders related to joints, nerves or blood vessels such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) among others. 

The use of personalised splints to improve the quality of life of people with such conditions is attracting research interest. 

We have an opportunity for a Suffolk-based student to join us for a one week work placement experience as research assistant on our STEM work experience programme at UCS Ipswich.

Successful applicant(s) (aged 14-18) will work on a mini project that aims to investigate the viability of using three dimensional (3D) scanning and printing technologies to the development of a novel splinting approach to allow therapists to design patient personalised splints, based on patient specific scan data.

Dates are negotiable, with an expected start in May/June 2016.

Days will run from 9:30am to 4pm, and you will be working in the James Hehir Building at UCS Ipswich. There are places on campus to buy food, but we recommend that you bring a packed lunch.

Eligible candidates have the opportunity to work towards achieving a CREST award

Candidates who have such conditions are welcomed to apply but the opportunity is open for all.


Main supervisor: 

Dr Suha Al-Naimi, MB ChB, MSc, PhD, MRCPath.

Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine

Second supervisor:

Tom Ranson 

Creative Technology Specialist & Intel Educational Ambassador