Do you feel like you need some advice about careers in STEM? Do you want to find out what it is really like to work in STEM? Are you aged 11-18? If so, then get in touch and we can find you a mentor!

When you join the STEM Accelerator programme you can be matched with a mentor from local business. Both you and all the mentors will fill out a questionnaire to make sure you are paired with the person who best fits you. One-to-one mentoring will then give you the chance to get first-hand experience of the working environment, see a range of STEM career opportunities and get the most out of our STEM Accelerator programme!

While you are mentored you will get to chat to your mentor face-to-face (at meetings arranged through your school) and ask them questions through an online mentoring platform.

For more information about the mentorship programme, and how you can get a mentor, please get in touch with Claire at