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We need to recruit a network of committed and passionate people who work in STEM industries or businesses to share their professional enthusiasm with young people in schools by acting as Mentors. STEM Accelerator will support high achieving young people with an ability and interest in STEM subjects. Mentors are needed to support young people and to encourage them to explore other aspects of the programme, STEM Schools and Post 16 Enrichment.

Mentoring will take place face to face and remotely using e-mentoring techniques. Young people benefit from mentoring as it raises aspirations by helping them understand what’s possible and a range of different STEM related career opportunities.

For employers, mentoring provides the opportunity to engage with young people to address the skills gap in the STEM economy directly and to encourage them to pursue a career in your industries. It is also an effective way to support young people in local schools as part of a Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda. It also provides a unique opportunity to work with learning establishments to shape the STEM learning offer for young people to make it relevant to the world of work.

People who work in STEM have a passion to share their skills and experience to encourage young people to see the potential of STEM careers. STEM Accelerator provides the platform to do that.

To find out more about being a STEM Accelerator Mentor call us on 01473 740219 or email


Post-16 enrichment courses

Employers, why not get involved and work with us to develop the qualification that suits your workforce needs. We have funds available for a range of skills enrichment and STEM activities.

Our post-16 enrichment courses will provide students with additional competencies and knowledge in STEM subjects, as well as imparting skills required by local STEM sector employers. These short courses will all be delivered at times that do not conflict with students’ main qualifications, and could involve visits to employer sites, presentations and career talks.

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STEM Schools and Activities

We are looking for employers to take part in our STEM Schools and Activities. Do you have an outreach activity that you’d like to share with students? Would you like to build an outreach activity, but don’t know where to start? Then get in touch; we’re looking forward to working with you.

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Make a donation

Students attending our STEM Schools get to take home “goodie bags” with gifts from local businesses. Previous donations such as science dictionaries, stationary, and snacks were very popular with students! Any contribution towards these would be warmly welcomed.

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STEM Accelerator is a partnership between University of Suffolk, West Suffolk and Lowestoft Campus and Connect Education and Business.
This project has been partly supported by HM Government with Employer Ownership funding.