Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about STEM Accelerator and how it all works.

If you have any other question not covered here, then please get in touch at stemaccelerator@ucs.ac.uk


What is “STEM”?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


Who can take part in STEM Accelerator?

Any students who are 11–18 years-old and have an interest in STEM!


Can girls take part in STEM Accelerator?

YES! STEM is not just for boys and there are many amazing opportunities for women who specialise in STEM.



STEM Schools and Activities

How much do STEM Schools/Activities cost to attend?

NOTHING! Our STEM Schools and Activities are completely free!


Will lunch be provided at STEM Schools/Activities?

No, so don’t forget to bring along a packed one!


Are there lockers to store things at the STEM Schools/Activities?

No. I’m afraid we don’t have any spaces to lock or store things away at the STEM Schools. Bringing along a bag or backpack is fine, but there won’t be anywhere to put any other stuff, e.g. skateboards.


How to I book a place on a STEM School/Activity?

Just fill out (or if you’re under 16, get your parent/guardian to fill out) the forms that are linked to on each page about the activity.


Do I have to come to the whole STEM week?

No you don’t. We’ve just changed our booking system so you can select which days you want to go to on the form. Don’t be afraid to give something new a try though – we have some great activities that you might enjoy much more that you’d think!


If you have any other questions about STEM Schools, just get in touch at stemschools@uos.ac.uk.